Friday, November 26, 2010

The saga begins

A long long time ago, I can barely remember, I started working.
Got the job by asking the manager if there was an opening, she said "...?".
Next day I asked her the same, her reply: ".. come back in a few days".
I waited a few days, and came back asking her "so.. when do I start?".
She smirked with an expression of 'OK you win' and told me to start working the following Monday.

That was it! And people say its so hard getting a job? Well you could at least make an effort..

Anyways, in this blog I will write about funny and annoying stuff from my workplace. Have fun reading, or be annoyed, I don't really care.

1 comment:

  1. lolz, i really do feel for the people that have to work super hard to get a job.
    i got mine be doing nothing, my mum came up to me and said: you want a job??
    HELLS YESS! now i work saturday and sunday evernings and because it's at a resturaunt they end up feeding me for free aswell.