Friday, November 26, 2010


OK, so here's the sitch: its freezing outside! -6°F last i checked! -6!!!
But my car's hanging in there, starting nicely as always. The problem is when I start driving, and my exhale freezes to the inside of the windshield. On my way to work today, I nearly crashed, due to a low sun, and NO visibility.. Thank dog for bus-lanes.

Whilst on work, however, I was able to hook up my engine heater. Though my boss warned me the electrics were severely out of date, and might catch on fire. "Well that would be nice, a warm place is always welcome", I said and turned it on. No fire, but my car was slightly warmer than usual starting up after my shift. Of course I can't see out the back window, but who needs that, right?!

Got tomorrow off, so I think I might catch up on our new MasterCard. Its out, but I have yet to get any info on it. *cough* nice management *cough* :D


  1. not that cold here yet =) lucky me

  2. You guys are so lucky.. Can't believe this cold weather, I mean, where is my global warming?!