Saturday, November 27, 2010

A hard day off

So, since I got today off, I decided to post here anyways. I know, I'm awesome!
ManU is currently up 6-0 against Blackburn, which is great. I've placed some bets, but forgot to *SHIT*
7-0 now! Berbatov is amazing today!
Berbatov, after scoring yet another against Blackburn.

 Anyways, I forgot one of my coupons, and now, since the other teams don't follow through, I have to place a couple more for tonight. Betting on French football (thats right, FOOTBALL - soccer is a made-up word, and I don't like it), is not my strong side. I'm really hoping though, but then again, if I win enough I might quit my job, and this blog would run empty really quick..

I can throw in a job related incident, just to make myself feel good about this.
A lot of our customers are retarded. They just aren't diagnosed by professionals yet.
There's this one lady we just call moon-man. And I see I could explain something here already.. Moon-man is roughly translated from my native tongue, and derives from a song. The songs meaning of the word is, however, not important - not even relevant. But the lady looks so misplaced, as if she just fell down from the moon, and thus.. well, you get my drift.
Her fingernails is really bad, and always dirty. For a man that would be OK, but ladies; clean fingers are eminent!

I'm digressing from my story here.. The lady has a daughter, who is about 8 y/o, and the daughter is the more responsible one of the two. Aren't there any rules regarding these things? I feel like calling child protective services, but I don't want to interfere if things are working great. I mean, though the lady seems.. high, she comes across as a nice, loving mother, which really is the most important thing. And if she takes her daughter with her, together they actually makes one fully functioning adult.

Seems things are OK after all.. I'm going back to the game!


  1. Couldn't believe Berbaflop managed 5 goals today. Top scorer in the prem now. It's mental.

  2. Wow, the rest of the world sure has something against the word 'soccer'. I can see why 'football' makes more sense though.

  3. i'm with you on soccer being a made up word, quality material.

  4. Football makes more sense but in north america seeing as "football" is a huge sport I think its easier to distinguish between the two when you call football- soccer.

  5. not a big sports fan but interesting anyways

  6. might be good for the daughter to learn. is foster care really going to solve her problems?

  7. American football should be called Handegg.

  8. Thats my thought exactly, Snarf :D
    Crazy Americans and their weird stuff..

  9. @Zon: I think foster care rarely is the solution, and if it is, it's not a good one. But sometimes it's better than an abusive parent :)