Friday, December 3, 2010

TGI Friday

I'm just too tired today. Stayed up laaaate last night, watching House MD, and Lie To Me. Solved the Lie To Me cases straight away, so it was no fun. And I'm just waiting for lupus when watching House MD..

A busy busy day at work too. Seems people are test-shopping for the holidays. Either that, or there's an upcoming apocalypse I should know about.
One of my colleagues is pregnant, apparently. I'm guessing that's why she haven't been in for the last month. Pays to be observant, huh! But she came in to day, for a 4 hour long shift. Left after one hour due to sickness. I can totally accept that, no need to vomit all over my workplace, when you can do it at home! But sticking me with overtime and extra work, when I really need to be collecting snow-globes for the guy in Lucky 38, thats just mean!

I am looking forward to tomorrow, by the way. The new woman is taking a shift! Last time she worked, she said "this is the easiest job I have EVER had! Just have to sit here, relaxing all day!".. Yeah! Good luck tomorrow, busiest day of the week, bitch!

This has nothing to do with anything, I just want to put it here. I can and I will! Come to think of it, this depicts either me, or the new woman, after some hours of work tomorrow:


  1. If you could somehow get pregnant you could stay home too :)))

  2. It must be hard being out of synch with us civilians. I love Saturdays.

  3. Lol, i guess these things are sometimes necessary =P

  4. Gonna be interesting to hear how she copes with a day of real work

  5. when the apocalypse comes, it will take the form of pregnant woman bitching that she's never had easier job.

    all the batteries and canned food in the world can't protect you from that. :-/

  6. Mr. House demands you take time off work to get his snowglobes damnit! and he doesn't care if you steal that one from the Mormon doctor.