Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today something really funny and heartwarming happened to me. Well, it was a happy moment anyways.. And, no, the new bitch wasn't in today, but next Monday! EXPECT ME!!

I was minding my own business, trying to get some work done. Customers were also minding their own business, trying to ruin my day - as usual.
A young mother came my way, with her kid in a cart. I could tell that the mother was stressed, by looking at the pixles and so on, so she didn't really pay too much attention. The kid, who was about 1-1,5 years old, somehow opened the baby-safety lock on his seat, and stands up. I found myself trapped in a position where I wasn't quite sitting, and not quite standing. I felt concern about the baby, but I was also kind of hoping for something.. Yet I didn't feel bad, after all his mom WAS right there..

So there we were, I standing on my ass, the mother doing.. I don't know, and the little baby. He had climbed to the edge of the cart, so I knew falling off would not be an issue. And he was smiling. REALLY smiling, like only a baby can. HUGE eyes, filled with stupid love and admiration. Towards me.
Right there and then, I saw everything perfectly. I knew what was coming, and I started smiling as well. Had time to think "omgomgyes!", before the mom turned back to check on her baby. I stood up, to get a better smile out to the baby, and the baby started glowing(!) as he reached for me with every loving fiber in his body, yelling "DADDY!!"

I couldn't hold it in, so I reached for him, saying "SON!". We were both smiling lovingly at each other, and it was beautiful!

Then his mom ruined the whole thing.. Somehow teaching the kid that he could think of me as his father wasn't the right thing. She dropped everything, picked up her baby, and ran out of the store.

I felt I lost a great friend at that moment, but I knew that we would see each other again in the future..

Fatherhood, I am ready!


  1. possibly. you had a great connection with the kid. i really thought he was going to fall out the cart and have a major lols but he didnt.

  2. this is the greatest thing i've read all day, that mother must have been like WTF?!?! probably thought u were nuts or something

  3. When my son first called me Daddy, I was so excited that I threw him as high as I could...which was really high. I think I scared him from ever calling me Daddy again. It's not like I didn't catch him or anything.

  4. Hehe, well maybe the universe is telling you you've had a condom malfunction in your past ;)

  5. You could always have yelled at here, while she ran out of the shop: "I'm sorry, you were so drunk at the time we fucked!!!!". But that might have put you on the street too.

  6. lol that was a good laugh lol

  7. sounds like you imprinted on each other. i'm sure your paths will cross again.